WordPress Security Protection

WordPress Security, Anti-Hacking, Anti-Virus

It could be argued that WordPress is among the most secure website packages available. It is likely much more secure than almost any custom coded site and it has a better track record than many other content management systems (CMS) and shopping cart packages. It is, simply stated, very secure right out of the box.

Platinum WordPress Security

That said, hackers are pretty good at what they do. The spend a lot of time digging through the code that makes up WordPress. After all, the source code is freely available. They seek out weaknesses and vulnerabilities as well as exploiting the security holes in many poorly coded plugins and themes. Even professionally coded premium plugins and themes have not been without there issues.

If your WordPress website is important to you and your business then you need to have a solid first line of defense backed up by multiple layers of professionally applied security. The Wiz installs, configures, and manages, the best available security solutions for your WordPress website. He monitors results and regularly checks for weaknesses.

When coupled with Wiz's Update & Backup program, there is no better WordPress security package available.


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Security & Update/Backup
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