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The WordPress Difference

Many don't realize it but there are two distinctly different kinds or, as some say, flavors of WordPress. There is the free WordPress personal blog hosted by the WordPress parent company and there is the downloadable WordPress content management system (CMS) website software, from the same company and also free.

Although the Wiz stresses the importance of having your own online identity (especially if you are building a business) by registering one or more domain names and having at least one self-hosted WordPress website, some people are just not ready to jump right in with that. In that case, a free blog site hosted at http://wordpress.com/ is a suitable choice.

This is not a good choice for business but it does begin to create your online presence and the content can be readily moved to your own website when the time comes. The free WordPress blog is similar in function to the self-hosed WordPress so upgrading will not present a significant learning curve.

The free WordPress blog is your best second choice if you are not yet ready for a self-hosted WordPress CMS website of your own. Click the button to access your free blog today!

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