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Content Is King Only When Fresh And Regularly Updated!

You've likely heard the phrase Content Is King many times. It's true. Search engines, especially Google, like great content. That is primarily what they index. But it is only truly valid for fresh, regularly updated, authoritative content.

Titanium Content Development

The content on your website is rated by the value it has in showing your authority on the subject contained, and the trust people show in that authority by linking to, and regularly visiting, your website. Those things only happen when there is new (fresh), valuable (authoritative) content for them to discover, read, and link to.

It might well be argued that content is the single most valuable commodity on your website. It is what your site is all about. It should represent what you are all about. It defines your site, your business, and yourself. Content - good content, fresh content, authoritative content - truly is King!

But good content isn't easy to come by. Please, please, please, DO NOT invest in any of those content spinning plugins that claim to flood regular new content into your site. Google knows all about them. Google knows their formulas and their output. At worst, Google will penalize you for this kind of content. At best you will gain no value in the search engine results pages (SERPs), which is one of the prime reasons for having new content on your site in the first place!

If you want good, authoritative, Google loved, content for your WordPress website, consider the Wiz's Content Development program. The Wiz will provide five blog posts or web pages (any combination) of quality content related to your site theme, business, products, or services. This is the kind of thing Google likes. Regularly added, spaced out over time, authoritative, original content.

This isn't English-as-a-second-language sweat shop junk, or article directory stuff that has likely been used dozens, or even hundreds, of times. This is carefully researched, originally written, by an educated English speaker from a small group of writers that work with, and including, the Wiz himself.

If you need quality content for your WordPress website or blog, this program is for you.

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