WizardsPlace WP Classroom WordPress Training Q&A

WizardsPlace WP Classroom

WizardsPlace WP Classroom WordPress Classroom Training Q&A
WizardsPlace WP Classroom WordPress Training - My Name Is Steve And I Approve This Message!

WizardsPlace WP Classroom Expanded 2017

New And Expanded Starting In 2017

Wouldn't it be great to have a WordPress Wizard you could call on when you need help? And what about learning in a dedicated WordPress classroom? Well, now you can! WizardsPlace WP Classroom is a training program with a difference. First, you get immediate access upon payment. You make your initial payment through PayPal with the big green button at the bottom of this page. You set up your ongoing subscription seamlessly as part of the same process. You are automatically returned to this site to setup your account information and you are in... It's that easy!

So What Do You Get?

  • immediate access
  • three sets of videos
  • download materials
  • live-stream classroom
  • real access to the Wiz
  • live Q&A sessions
  • unlimited email
  • special bonus
  • unannounced extras

In your account you will find access to three sets of instruction videos (see below). These are full, multi-video training programs, selected from the very best available. There is no waiting, no dripped content, here. You get full access to all the videos immediately.

Live WordPress Classroom Sessions Each Week With The Wiz

Your WizardsPlace WP Classroom subscription also includes weekly live-streaming real-time video WordPress classroom sessions. You can attend as you need, learning about new concepts, and asking your questions about the specific things you need for your own website. These aren't canned webinars. These live sessions are about you, your website, and your needs. They cover what you are interested in, and provide the help you need, for your WordPress website.

Additionally there will be bonus downloadable materials including ebooks, reports, charts, notes, bonus videos, and more. Further, you will get unlimited email support from Steve. It really is like having the Wiz in your pocket -- there whenever you need him!

Three Amazing Sets Of Training Videos

The Wiz has brought together some of the best trainers, influencers, and video producers, in the field to share the necessary information to get you started with WordPress. This is provided in a group of multi-video programs that provide a range of content in small, easy-to-understand, bites you can explore at your own pace. Here's an example of the kind, and quality, of video you will find in this program:

All that, the live WordPress classroom, and the following three complete sets of WordPress videos, available to you immediately upon sign up. No waiting. Dig in as soon as you create your account.

  1. 14 Online Presence Fundamentals Videos - The first 14 videos in this selection provides an introduction to the various aspects of online presence you will likely run into, and have need of, as you get started with your WordPress installation. These videos cover everything from getting organized, beginning keyword research, and registering your domain name, to establishing a hosting account, and setting your name servers, through FTP, CPanel, server email, sub-domains and sub-folders, as well as installing and securing WordPress itself.
  2. 11 WordPress Training Videos - The next 11 videos cover a variety of topics dealing with the workings of WordPress. These will help you as you get started and dig into some of the inner workings of this powerful, but easy to use, content management system (CMS) website platform.
  3. An Introduction To WordPress v4.x - 47 Videos - This is a growing series of videos that takes an in-depth look at all the parts of the current release of WordPress plus some features, functions, and extras for applying and adapting WordPress in many different ways. These videos alone are worth hundreds of dollars and they are included, with more coming soon, in your regular monthly classroom subscription.

The third series of videos (above) is tied to the current version of WordPress and is updated automatically when new versions of WordPress are released. Additional videos are also added when new features are added to WordPress core. This means that as long as you subscribe to this program you can always return to these videos for updated information with real examples of how to use individual features in the dashboard. You also know, going in, that these videos will be current, speaking to the latest release of WordPress. Not many courses can make that claim.

Plus additional videos added every week to enhance your classroom learning experience! A new focused tutorial video is added every week to support topics covered during the weekly live streaming class session. These videos are grouped topically and made available on the Classroom Replays & Other Videos page.

BONUS INSTRUCTION: The Wiz is going to include four (4) additional videos on using SEO to enhance your Google results and increase organic traffic to your website because it is so important to your success. These four SEO videos, on their own, are worth more than the initial payment for the entire WizardsPlace WP Classroom program. This excellent group of videos is included at no additional charge!

Oh! And one other thing... your subscription to this classroom program now includes full Silver level lifetime membership access to the WizardsPlace website. This is included at no extra charge for as long as you keep your WizardsPlace WP Classroom program open even if you cancel your classroom subscription!

Is Steve's WordPress Classroom Program For You?

WizardsPlace WP Classroom is a beginner to intermediate program for those just starting to look for a website, for those already looking at WordPress but not yet sure if it is right for them, and for those using WordPress who are finding it not as easy as they expected -- it is easy when you know how!

This classroom series is for those who want to be confident they have selected the right website platform, and who may want to take control and manage all aspects of their website themselves, or at least know and understand what their web guy is telling them. It is also for those who want regular, easy, access to a professional they can call upon when they need help and answers.

This classroom program is about WordPress, but it is also about empowerment and taking control. Learn to do things with your website in a more easy, efficient, and productive, way. Learn how WordPress can help you focus your business for results. Your website should be a powerful vehicle that can drive your business forward, not a technology chain holding you back.

Register now and begin taking control of your WordPress website before the day is over!

Just $49.00 Initial Access Then Just $49.00 Per Month

$49.00 is charged to your PayPal account today, and then $49.00 each subsequent month going forward until cancelled. Your subscription is handled securely through PayPal. You will need your own PayPal account for processing. PayPal accounts are free and you can be funded from a credit card if you prefer not to keep a balance. We do not have access to your PayPal account or credit card information, nor can we make additional charges. Due to the value of the content in this course, access to some of which is provided immediately following registration, no refunds are offered. You may, however, cancel your subscription, and any further payments, at any time.

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