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Why So Much Free

Look around WizardsPlace and you will find lots of great stuff for free. Sure, I sell stuff here too; ebooks, programs, courses, and various services. Hey, I'm in business, after all. But I give away loads of stuff -- ebooks, access to trainings, videos, personal help, and even some tech support, for FREE. Why is that? Well, first of all, I like helping people. And I know something about the way the Universe works that you may not know (I'll teach you that if you ask -- for free, too!). But the key is that I want you to know what I do and how I do it so you can really make a choice whether you want to hire me or not. Let's talk a little more about that...

Coach Mentor WizardsPlace Free Stuff

Good Coach, Bad Coach

There are a lot of coaches around the Internet these days. There are life coaches and lifestyle coaches. There are personal, spiritual, and business coaches. You name the discipline or the niche and I bet you can find dozens of coaches in, and for, that field. Some are excellent at what they do. Some are better than others. Some believe they are doing the right thing but they are just not delivering the goods. And some are downright scammers. You have to watch for those.

But even the good ones, the excellent ones, may not be right for you. All coaches, good and bad, have their own style. Some pattern after (or try anyway) other successful coaches. Some have their own approach. Most differ from all the others in one way or another, or sometimes in many ways. The key for you is to find a coach or mentor who is a good fit.

Good Coach Bad Coach WizardsPlace

But Therein Lies The Rub

What exactly is a good fit. Some might say, "I like a coach that makes me feel comfortable." Other look for a coach that makes things easy and has all the answers. While you need a coach that has answers, I suggest that easy and comfortable are words you want to be careful of. Success doesn't come easily. It takes hard work. And to be successful you need to get out of your comfort zone.

You may not like that but it is the truth, something I will always tell you. Many coaches won't, at least not at first. They want to sign you up before they tell you this: It does take hard work and you will likely have to get a little uncomfortable from time to time if you want to move forward toward your goal and actually be successful. A good coach knows that and isn't afraid to share it, even right up front.

The people I work with know this and, as a result, have a much greater success rate. Those who don't like it will go elsewhere and continue to chase shiny objects, looking for the magic blueprint or the secret plan that will take them to success effortlessly and on auto-pilot. That's sad but, hey, each to their own.

Therein Lies The Rub WizardsPlace

But What About The Free Stuff

Getting back to the point of all this, so why all the free stuff. Well, I don't know a better way to show you what you are going to get when you hire me as your coach or mentor (I prefer the term mentor but that's another story -- coach is the more common word, though!) It is a way for you to see what is possible and what I can deliver.

My free weekly live streaming sessions allow you to experience real communication from me and, sometimes, communication with me. It's a good way to find out what the process is going to be like. And if you are serious about your own success -- you don't have to worry about mine -- then the free stuff is a good starting point. The free stuff on this site includes my own content, as well as tools and materials from others, and draws on material from some of the best experts in the field whose work I readily support.

You can spend a lot of money on stuff and even more on coaching that turns out to be mediocre at best and a downright disaster at worst. Most people building a business online should have a coach at one point or another. Many will have several coaches over the course of the business endeavors. Some never make that step. You should but, if you do, you should get the right coach or mentor, someone who can actually help you.

Coach Mentor WizardsPlace Finding Success

So, How Can I Help?

And while I give away enough for some people to do it all themselves, I know that most people can't, or won't, and they fail because they don't take the right steps, don't make the right decisions. They don't stay focused on their actual business efforts. Instead, they keep doing the same things that have prevented them from finding success in the first place. They need help; the right help. But they, YOU, need to make that all important decision to take action, to take that first step.

So, look around the site. See what I share. Try out some of the things I give away. If you have questions, contact me. Ask them. I'm glad to help. I'll do my best to make things work for you. I have programs and packages for every need and nearly every budget. Let's see if we can find a match and get you on the right path. It's time to move seriously forward on your own journey of success.

And if you are serious about getting started check out my "First Contact" Initial Call offer.

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