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WizardsPlace WordPress SupportYou have no doubt heard of WordPress. You may know it as a free blogging platform or some kind of website you install yourself. The information below will provide details about both WordPress systems and clear up some confusion you might have. If nothing else, this page will be a useful resource in support of the many decisions you will make about your own website in the weeks, months, and years to come.

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Why WordPress

Why WordPress WizardsPlaceWordPress comes in two versions and that can be confusing. Both are quality products for their respective intended use. Both are free. One is quick and easy and may seem to be a great first choice. The other is more complex, more involved, and definitely more rewarding. Here is a brief description of each which may help clear up any misunderstanding when making your WordPress choice.

1) The WordPress blog site provides free individual blogs for personal and limited business use. These blog sites have limited features and, although excellent for basic hobby or beginning business blogs they are not recommended for serious bloggers who wish to effectively monetize their blog site or for professional marketers, e-commerce businesses, or those with serious products or services to offer. The limited features and the lack of freedom to build your site as you wish makes these blog sites less than suitable for those who are building a full website for information distribution or product/service sales or launches.

2) The WordPress content management system (CMS) software is an open source website framework. It is a powerful, feature-rich, easy-to-use website package suitable for use as a self-hosted stand-alone blog and/or website. For me, WordPress is the best CMS of choice for any website from a basic blog to an elaborate e-commerce or membership site. This package allows you to be fully in control. WordPress offers an extensive array of free and paid plugins to add to the basic features of the site, themes which control the style or look of the site and other functions, and other features and third party services from a variety of sources.

Let's look at a few of the pluses and see why WordPress is a good choice for almost any website need:

Open Source Software

One of the biggest, but often overlooked, reasons for using WordPress is its Open Source status. Open source is a term which technically applies to the production process and underlying source code of a software product itself but, in general terms, means the software development is managed by a large, mostly volunteer, group of individuals and the resulting product is offered free of charge. WordPress is in good company here.

Well-known products like Firefox (web browser), Gimp (graphic software) and Open Office (office productivity suite) are also open source. WordPress is free to acquire and to use for any kind of personal or commercial website. That's right, you don't have to pay a cent for the program itself. You may choose to pay to have it installed and/or configured but obtaining the software itself is completely free. You may legally and legitimately download it from the project source website.

It is hard for some to believe, especially those brought up on the concept of something is worth what you pay for it, but WordPress, like so many other open source software products, is a powerful, functional, main-stream solution built on PHP/MySQL (also open source) and licensed under GNU General Public License. For those interested in understanding this better you can view a copy of the GNU/GPL here.

Content Management System

WordPress is a powerful, multi-featured, extensible, content management system (CMS). A content management system is a tool that helps you manage the creation and updating of web pages, and their content, on your website. In the early days of the Web larger companies from the Royal Bank of Canada to Motorola embraced the concept of content management systems to handle the large, and ever expanding, bulk of information on their websites. Traditionally, however, content management systems cost many thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars.

The CMS process has been fine tuned and streamlined over the years and is now available, free of charge, in a single package, WordPress. There are other free and low priced CMS packages around today as well but I believe that, when it comes to features, easy of use, and extendability, WordPress is the unmatched leader of the pack. Perhaps that's why nearly 60% of all content management systems deployed, and almost 25% of all websites currently on the Internet, are WordPress sites.

User Friendly

The term user friendly is probably the most over-used description on the Internet but sometimes it is accurate. This is one of those times. You don't have to be an experienced web designer or coder to use WordPress on your website. Many of the hosting companies you might choose to use provide the ability to install WordPress for your website in an easy manner. The WordPress administration control panel, called the Dashboard, is easy to navigate and delivers powerful controls for developing and modifying the structure and content of your website. This includes adding blog posts, creating pages, including images or videos, and more. Fire your webmaster. You've got WordPress!

Theme Support

If you don't like the look of your website, changing it may be as simple as dropping in and activating another theme. Often called skins on other sites, WordPress themes control the look, the design, of your site. There are thousands of free themes, most of which are really quite good and some exceptional, and many hundreds of premium or commercial (for a fee) themes that offer additional functionality.

Themes are relatively straight forward to create, as well, so you, or someone you hire, can create a custom theme just for your site. Existing themes, especially theme frameworks, like Genesis, Thesis, and Canvas, all examples of premium themes, can also be modified to provide the exact look and/or functions you need. This site is made with WordPress using Woo Themes Canvas.

Plug-in Extensions

Thousands of available WordPress plug-ins, most of which are also free, allow you to extend the features and functionality of WordPress to just about anything you might want or think of. Most plug-ins can be installed easily and quickly. From scheduling calendars to picture galleries, from Google map inserts to specialized blog category separation, plug-ins are available for just about every job imaginable. Most WordPress installations will use a dozen or more plug-ins, sometimes as many as 100, to determine the website features provided. This site uses about a dozen and a half plugins to extend its standard, or core functions.

Standards Compliant

WordPress follows web standards keeping your blog or website compliant to all the rules that should be followed when running a website on the Internet. This ensures your website is compatible across all compliant web browsers and will interface readily with other compliant sites. You don't have to worry about this at all. That's not always the case with custom built sites where you have to rely on the skill level of the web developer you hire. Websites really are more than just pretty pictures.

Extensive Support

Recent statistics show WordPress is used on a large and ever growing segment of all the websites on the Internet. It accounts for more than half of all new sites. There is a large user community, and an increasing professional segment, backing the development of this software and providing support.

Whenever you experience problems, whether it's with initial installation, adding or changing content, or expansion of your website somewhere down the road, if you can't handle the task you can check available WordPress discussion forums, support communities, and a growing number of professional support sites that focus on WordPress and find answers for all your questions and help for all your website needs.

The Wiz (Steve), who runs this site, is available for design, development, and tech support. If you have a question or an issue about, or need help with, your online presence, ask Steve first.

SEO Ready

You must definitely keep search engines in mind when building your website. WordPress developers understand this and have created the software to be search engine aware and friendly. Metas, pings, categories, tags, and the correct use of h1/h2 tags, and other factors give you an SEO edge right out of the box. Excellent SEO plug-ins extend your ability to optimize for search engines even farther.

When it comes to SEO, WordPress is good and always getting better. Each new release improves on this in many ways, often silently behind the scenes. Matt Cutts, former head of Googles anti-spam group, says WordPress is "made to do SEO well" in the video: Matt Cutts Gives Tips To Small Business Owners. Although this video was made in 2008 and speaks to WordPress 2.3 it is worth taking the time to listen. There have been several major releases of WordPress since the video came out (currently v4.2+) and each has gotten better.

Today's WordPress is really top notch when it comes to SEO, and it just keeps getting better and better. WordPress, and especially Wiz's Premium Managed WordPress Website packages, make it possible for your website to be more flexible and more easily expandable, now and into the future.

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Why Managed

Managed WordPress Websites Blogs Wizard's PlaceMany people who have already obtained a website, either by using a web hosting site's web builder software or hiring a web designer to create it for them, now ask, "How can I update my website?", "Will it cost a lot to have pages added?", and "Why does updating my website take so long?" And that's from the ones who have already figured out how to get their website up and running in the first place.

Additionally we often hear from those who want to own a website, but are still trying to figure it all out. They typically ask, "Will it be difficult to manage?", "How will I add pages to my website?", "Why does it all cost so much?", and many other such questions. This kind of frustration abounds among non-tech website owners who just want to run their business.

And why should you have to learn all this technical stuff anyway? You use a phone without having to run a communication switching network and you drive a car without having to study internal combustion engines. The Wiz's Premium Managed WordPress Website is the single best answer to all of this. It is fast, easy, and affordable. And it delivers a quality website that is user friendly, extensible, and great for SEO. That's not bad all in one package!

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that lets you operate a basic blog, a complex website, or single site that includes both. WordPress is a perfect choice for both personal and small business websites, and it can be configured and expanded for use as a much larger, multiple function, commercial website as well.

The actual numbers show that WordPress is one of the most popular website systems available. It is easier to use than most website packages. Delivered in a managed package you only need to learn those basic things that allow you to use your website as much as you want to use it. However, it does require maintenance and there is a learning curve for some of the functionality.

With Wiz's Premium Managed WordPress Website package, you gain all the power and flexibility of WordPress without having to worry about what's connected to what or what's under the hood. Your domain name and DNS will be managed for you. WordPress core software revisions, plugins, and themes, will be updated for you. Website design changes, and even content updates and additions, should you choose, can be made for you.

Wiz's Premium Managed WordPress Website packages makes it possible for YOU to concentrate on what you do best: running your business, dealing with clients, and making money! Three scaled packages provide the affordability and function level you choose.

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What's Included*

Included Features WordPress Wizards PlaceYour Premium Managed WordPress Website provides first and foremost a web presence platform from which to build your online business. Based on the WordPress content management system (CMS), it is the most popular website product today. It is a solid professional solution that includes each of the following items plus some additional custom features explained on the register page:

Your Domain Name: This is your unique address on the Internet, much like the address of your home or business in the world of streets and buildings. If you already have your domain name we will help you use it correctly. If you need one we will work with you to obtain it.

Website Hosting: We install your website on a premium hosting service using one of our chosen service providers. We use only top brand services, chosen by us for their excellent performance records.

WordPress Core: Your website is built using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and the core files are installed and configured for you. We also manage this installation, keeping these files updated and secure.

Premium Theme: Your installation comes standard with the Woo Themes Canvas theme installed and configured. This premium framework theme allows ready configuration and design changes to suite your needs.

Your website also has a choice of several other premium and free themes pre-installed and you can pick from any of more than one thousand choices from numerous theme providers online. We will install any theme of your choice. Premium themes may cost extra, but ask us before purchasing. We may already have a developers license for the them you select.

Plugin Extensions: We have tested and approved nearly 100 plugins and a selection is installed and configured, ready to provide you with the quality features you may need for your website. We will also work with you and install any other plugins you may require.

Consulting Support: Each website account includes a specified consulting allowance so you can discuss your needs, options, and ideas as your business needs grow and change over time.

Site Development: Your account also includes a specified monthly amount of development time which may be applied to various aspects of your website.

Search Engine Optimization Each account includes SEO configuration and plugins. The site package also include on-going professional SEO development.

Social Media Marketing Professional promotion and marketing of your website through numerous social media services is included in all managed packages.

Training Videos Built into your website control panel are 40+ training videos that keep current with your website installation and provide easy-to-understand information about using the various features of your site.

Newsletter/Mailing List Your website package offers basic newsletter and mailing list capability and management built in. You can, of course, use third party services like MailChimp or Aweber if you choose and those are fully supported as well, but may cost extra.

Wiz's Premium Managed WordPress Website package is regularly being updated and expanded. Please CHECK HERE for the latest details.

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Who Is The Wiz

Online Presence Development WizardsPlace Rev. Stephen B. Henry PhD. WordPress WizardThe WordPress Wizard, or just the Wiz, as he is known by many on the Internet, is actually a guy named Steve. He has been working with computers since 1979 and has been on the Internet since before it was public. He made his first e-commerce transaction in 1989 and has been creating website for clients since 1994.

Steve has been known as the Coach's Coach and the Web Guy For Coaches. He is a successful and experienced Internet guide, small business consultant, web presence developer, published author, and personal mentor.

The Wiz works with heart-centered solopreneurs, online professionals, and both home-based and traditional small businesses, providing assistance with planning, marketing, product development, launches, and web presence. Steve is a master of search optimization, social media and market outreach, organic traffic, client engagement, spiritual and inbound marketing.

For the last 16 years or so Steve, and his wife Lora, have been making their entire living online. They work with business professionals, including writers, spiritual practitioners, coaches, marketers, eBay sellers, e-commerce businesses, artists and other creatives, from around the world, providing support and counseling, helping each client build or expand their online business success.

Steve can help you with your personal or business development, online or off. Feel free to contact him. He is approachable and affordable. A first call to discuss your needs, and to see if you will be able to work together, is always free. See the Contact link above or click HERE.

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