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It's about business identity, brand recognition, products and services, and let's not forget SEO. Your domain says a lot about you and it can work for you or not. If you sell vintage clothing, this is the domain name for you!

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Upon purchase of this domain name we will help you transfer it to your own account (we'll help you create a domain registry account if you don't have one), and then, if necessary, we'll help you with setup of the DNS nameservers to point your domain to your hosting space, all at no extra charge.

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*Note: if you don't already have hosting for your website we can help you with that too. Be sure to check out my other listings for an affordable, feature-rich, website installation package if you also need a website.

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Payment: The Wiz accepts PayPal as a payment processor for all transactions. You can pay through PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account using an accepted credit card. With an account you can pay using your PayPal balance, a bank transfer (e-check) or an accepted credit card. PayPal payments are easy, fast, and safe.

Shipping:Physical items are shipped using the method, and at the rate, indicated in the eBay shipping section below. Digital items like listing templates and graphics are shipped on CD by USPS first class mail at no additional charge. Service items like websites, hosting and SEO reports are made available from our commercial web server. Access to this website will be provided upon completion of the purchase and confirmation that payment has cleared.

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OSA Founder and ChairmanRev. Stephen B. Henry, PhD.
Known online as the WordPress Wizard, or just The Wiz for short, Steve is an experienced website designer, business professional, and founder of WizardsPlace, who has been creating eBay listing templates, me pages, websites, and more, for individuals and businesses all over the world. He has been providing the very best quality online products and services for more than 25 years.

Online Sellers Association: Director Steve is a proud member of, and currently serves as Executive Director for, the Online Sellers Association, an organization dedicated to helping individuals find success with their online businesses. When you purchase any of The Wiz's products or services Steve will include special instructions to establish your free, full, OSA membership.

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