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Join a small group of professionals committed to learning, sharing, and growing together. This group is for those who are already on their journey of success, who have established goals, but know that accountability ensures more rapid growth. The group, working together in the interests of each member, brings powerful solutions greater than the sum of the individual partisipants.

Understanding that success breeds success, and the power of the group in brainstorming and problem solving is without equal, this success mastermind is dedicated to helping all members stay focused, stay on track, reach new heights, and find the success they desire.

Regular attendance and participation is mandatory. Participants agree to attend regular Wednesday evening live-streaming (non-recorded) sessions. Missing two sessions in a row or more than four in total will release the participant's spot to someone else.

There is a one-time enrollment fee for participation. It shows commitment and is non-refundable. You should check with Steve to see if space is available. You can also sign up (full fee) to be next on the waiting list for a space coming vacant.