Special Young Living Website Package

Special Young Living Website Package

Special Young Living Website Package

Special Young Living Website Package

Thanks to input from Young Living Consultant Stephanie Chambers, WizardsPlace and Steve Henry, the WordPress Wizard, are pleased to offer you the following special Young Living website package. This package contains everything you need to begin a professional, effective, online presence. It will form the foundation of your online experience going forward.

Using the number one choice of all website packages, installed and configured by an expert with nearly 30 years of online experience, and someone who understands the exact nature of your business, you will get a professional business website worth many times the price you will pay for this package.

Special Young Living Website Package

Special Young Living Website Package Details

This special Young Living website package includes everything necessary to get started with a professional quality business website. There is no corner cutting here. Your website will be attractively designed, carefully constructed, completely installed, and fully functional for all the things you need to have an effective online presence.

You will be proud to show off your website to your friends. You will be pleased for your business associates and customers to find you through this portal. And you will be excited to see the new prospects you can find through effective blogging and the development of organic traffic.

The really good news is you will never be on your own. Steve Henry, known online by many as the WordPress Wizard, will be there to guide and assist you as you gain familiarity with your new website. This special Young Living website package includes all the features, and all the services, you will need to make it the foundation of your online business presence.

Here is what this special Young Living website package includes:

  • Five Page Website
  • Your website contains the following five typical pages:

    • Home or Landing Page
    • About You/Your Business
    • Information Page
    • Blog Posts
    • Contact Page

    These pages can be named anything you like, and your site can have additional pages. Additionally two footer pages, Privacy Policy and Site Map are included.

    Special Young Living Website Package

  • Premium Framework Theme
  • A theme is the template or skin of a website that controls how it looks, how content is laid out, how it all goes together. Our theme of choice is one of the top available profession (premium) themes costing $99.00 on it's own. We include it here at no additional charge.

    • One of the top premium themes installed and configured.
    • On-going assistance and training on this theme.

    The beauty of this premium framework theme lies in the ability to create a website with just about any look and style you have in mind. This is a package offering, but it will be as close to a custom website as you can get without paying thousands of dollars!

    Special Young Living Website Package

  • A Selection Of Free Themes
  • Your website package includes several quality free themes already installed. You can easily select between them initially, or later if your tastes change.

    • The best free theme installed and ready to go.
    • Additional free themes pre-installed.
    • Select from hundreds of other free themes.

    You also have access to an amazing repository of hundreds (currently over 3800) of quality free themes. Should you desire something different, there are also hundreds of premium themes you can purchase separately. Even if you purchase a premium theme from another supplier, we'll install and configure it for you!

    Special Young Living Website Package

  • Integrated Blog
  • Blogging is easy and it's fun. It is also one of the best ways to regularly communicate with visitors to your site. It lets you share information with your own team, and it is also great for search engine optimization (SEO).

    • Best blog allows you to easily add content.
    • Interact with clients & site visitors through comments.
    • Training/support for good blogging practices.

    If you don't know how to blog, we'll work with you, teaching you the skills to produce attractive, informative posts that invite prospects back to your site and converts visitors into customers.

    Special Young Living Website Package

  • Installed Plugins
  • Your website comes fully installed and ready to go. But the beauty of this website package is that it is expandable and extendable with add-in modules called plugins. Plugins extend the features and functions available on your website.

    • Our set of important getting started plugins is included.
    • We will install any additional selected free plugins for you.
    • If you purchase any premium plugins we'll install/configure those too.

    We'll work with you at no additional cost to help you find suitable plugins for features you may want to add. Then we'll install and configure them for you.

    Special Young Living Website Package

  • Professional Website Hosting
  • Your special website package includes professional website hosting that exceeds the performance standards of typical shared hosting services.

    • Fast, secure hosting on a professional server.
    • Solid State Drives (SSD) for speed and reliability.
    • We look after all hosting issues for you.

    Don't be left to struggle with poor service and unreliable hosting. Don't be left to figure things out on your own.

    Special Young Living Website Package

  • Semi-Managed Site & Service
  • Many of the key things that normally lead to technology overwhelm are taken care of for you. Spend your time building your business, not fiddling with your website.

    • Website core file updates done for you.
    • Theme updates done for you.
    • Plugin Updates done for you.
    • Automatic Backups w/Offsite Storage included.
    • General maintenance, additions, training available.

    The basics of your site, like updates and backups, are handled for you. For those who are interested in developing and adding to the site themselves, we include ongoing training. For those who would rather build their business than worry about all that techie stuff, we will add pages and features to your site as needed.

    Special Young Living Website Package

  • Off-Site Linking
  • Your website includes custom off-site linking to your own Young Living virtual office:

    • Member/retail customer sign-up page.
    • Current retail product guide.

    Sign-ups and sales from each of these will be automatically credited to your account. Your website can work for you even when you are not around.

    Special Young Living Website Package

  • Domain Name Support
  • Your domain name is like your business address on the Internet and it is important.

    • Use your own domain name if you already have one.
    • A dedicated domain name is provided if you don't.

    If you don't already have a domain name we will help you find the right one and then register and administer it on your behalf. If you do have your own domain name already we will help you configure it for your new website.

Special Young Living Website Package

What Stephanie Says About Working With Steve

Before getting this new website that Stephen has built for me I was not very happy about the one I had. It cost me a lot of money and I ended up just letting it set for months without using it because I am not a techie person and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t figure it out. Yes I had time on the phone with the person I bought it from and there were even videos to watch but I needed more than that. I needed someone who had time to help me more than I felt I should ask for.

"In working with Stephen I have never felt like he didn’t have the time for me. I send him emails and messages everyday and he is always willing to answer above what I need. He does not make me wait days on end before he gets back with me.

"I told Stephen how I felt about websites so he knew I was not happy with the one I had in the past and really was not looking for another one. I did not want a generic website. I wanted something that was my own different from all the rest. I started telling him what I liked and didn’t like. I sent him information and he took it and worked with it making my website a one of a kind. I love my new website it is fresh and clean all the while standing out as not one like everyone else’s.

"I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone that wants a website that is their own not a duplicate of everyone else’s. He is great to work with, he cares about how you feel and want you are looking for in a website. If you ask him questions or tell him you don’t like something or understand something he explains what is best and why and then leaves it up to you if you want to listen to him or not. It is not about him knowing it all it is about him caring and wanting you to be able to make a go of your business. It is about presenting you as a one of a kind."

Stephanie Champers
Website: Oils By Steph

Special Young Living Website Package

OK, So How Much Does It Cost? Thousands, Right?

Nope. Not even close! We have worked with Stephanie to ensure the website in this package provides the features and support you need. We have brought together the necessary elements to provide a complete website package right out of the gate. There is no up-sell, nothing extra to buy to make it actually work. While you can expand and add additional features to the site if you choose (both free and at additional cost), nothing else is actually needed to get going with this package. It includes everything necessary to get started and to move your business forward into the weeks, months, and years ahead. It's the real deal, and all you really need. And it does all this at a very affordable price!

Special Young Living Website Package

This Package No Longer Available

Consider This WordPress Starter Package Instead

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Special Young Living Website Package

Note: This package is available only to Young Living Essential Oils consultants. WizardsPlace and Steve Henry are not associated with, nor endorsed by, Young Living Essential Oils. Young Living Essential Oils is the registered trademark of the Young Living Essential Oils company.

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