So What’s Included?

Wizard's Place provides you with a support system that is there when you need it. It is an Internet membership site offering extensive, detailed help and personal assistance for those building an online presence. Whether you are a blogger developing a following for your posts, an expert offering information, services, and other products, or an online seller developing an e-commerce business, you are sure to have questions and need help with the myriad of issues and various technologies you will encounter on the Internet. Wizard's Place provides that service.

Wizard's Place provides a repository of information in support of your online efforts. The Wiz and other experts answer your technical questions, offer personal help and advice on how to use and how to get the best results from Internet technologies. Find general answers in the F.A.Q.s. Get specific answers by email, research in the extensive and growing knowledge base, or get one-on-one direct personal assistance from the Wiz.

Here's some detail:

Answers to general questions.

Ask as many questions as you like by posting on the site or contacting the Wiz by email. Members get individual answers sent to them and answers that may be of interest to others will be posted on the site.

Answers to your specific question.

If you have specific tech support issues and need help the Wiz will answer your question by email providing the information you need to get the job done.

Recommended reading.

Wizard's place offers a large list of recommended books available in printed and/or Kindle format, as well as a large selection of PDF format documents.

Video instruction.

Many people find instructional videos, slide presentations, and live screen videos make learning easier. Wizard's place continues to acquire selections of training and tutorial programs.

Select links to off-site resources.

The Internet is bigger than most of us can imagine. Search engines are good but a lot of the great sites that support online businesses, provide tech support, and offer products or services we can use are not easily found in the ever expanding sea of choices. We offer links to selected sites you may find in no other way.

Service and product reviews.

The Wiz and his friends provide professional reviews of products, books, and services to assist you in making a better choice.

An accumulated knowledge base that continues to grow.

The Wizard's Place Knowledge Base, presented in searchable and easy to use format, provides a repository of information to help you find ideas, concepts, and answers.

A discussion forum for peer interaction.

The Wizard's Place discussion forum is a place for members to interact and share with each other. Guest professionals will appear from time to time.

Participation by industry experts and other professionals.

Many professionals and experts share their work, advice, and help, here in a variety of ways. From forum interaction to guest blog posts, from articles to reviews, you will find excellence at every turn.

Technical support for your online issues.

Need answers? Need them now? Wizard's Place is your starting point on the Internet and it may be all you ever need.