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To Request A “First Contact” Initial Call

Lets TalkTo request a "first contact" initial call to discuss your specific business needs, and to see if it is appropriate to establish a program for me to guide you, or work with you, on your journey of success, please first make the PayPal payment below (A PayPal account is not needed -- major credit cards are accepted without an account). Then send an email to and share a bit about yourself and what you do, and the problems you are having, or the nature of the project you wish to undertake. Please provide as much detail as you can.

Next, provide in that same email a phone number (or choose Skype or Zoom video call if you prefer -- you don't need a Zoom account; I provide the link) and at least two good dates/times to reach you. I will respond by email and confirm the time for our call and then contact you on the specified day at that time.

This process is available to new clients only, and you may discuss anything you wish in the time allotted, including solving a problem or creating a strategy to deal with an issue. Or we can use the time to just get to know each other to see how you feel about me providing guidance, training, and solutions as we move forward.

The fee you pay is to ensure neither of us is wasting our time. If you are serious about solutions you know the right ones are going to cost. If I don't solve your current problem, or we don't agree to proceed, I will refund your payment right after the call. If we solve a current problem, your payment applies. Or, if we do move forward with additional work, 100% of your payment will apply to that work or other paid program(s) you may become involved in with me.

Please note, where possible calls will be made through Zoom. You do not need a Zoom account. A free Zoom "room" web link and phone number will be provided. You've got nothing to lose. Take a bold step now and make "First Contact". Your success is on the table!

Initial Call $195.00

You will be making a payment through PayPal using your account balance, alternate payment method, or debit/credit card (no account required). You agree to the above stated terms and accept that no refunds will be given if we actually conduct business or agree to do so going forward. This is a one-time payment and no further charges will apply in relation to this call, however you agree to make separate additional payments, as they apply, if you negotiate during the call for additional work to be done, or to engage in other paid programs offered. This payment will be charged to your account or credit card today. Payment must be completed before the call. If we do not do, or decide to do, work together during or after this call then the entire payment will be refunded immediately following the call.

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What Will Payment Look Like

The image to the left shows a portion of the screen you will see when you click the payment button above. This is the secure PayPal login screen. If you are making payment from your PayPal account, you should login. Click the grey "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button if you do not have, or do not wish to use, a PayPal account. This information is handled directly through PayPal's secure server. We do not see, nor do we have access to, your PayPal account or debit/credit card information.

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