Quality WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Small Site Search Engine Optimization

Quality SEO can be involved and time-consuming. It can cost many thousands of dollars monthly. The Wiz is an experienced and successful SEO professional. He brings his many years of custom website coding, content curation, broad business knowledge, and success with SEO to bear in order to offer an affordable, yet effective, SEO program for WordPress websites.

Gold Search Engine Optimization

Starting with a key multidimensional site probe and report, the Wiz adjusts key elements immediately. Top Search Engine Optimization plugins are added to your site as needed. Monthly updates, edits, content adjustments tackle moving your site upward in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Basic off-site SEO augments these on-site efforts providing high-value backlinks and other factors.

Although it is impossible to guarantee first page, first spot, presentation for all sites across all keywords, the Wiz has never failed to get his clients' sites in the top five spots on page one for their important keywords. Typically, first page, spot one or spot two results have been achieved over reasonable time.

Although there is no contract or time requirement, good, sustainable, search engine optimization requires time. You need to expect a minimum of six months and a likely twelve to eighteen months for best results. There is simply no point in starting this program -- it's just wishful thinking -- if you are not prepared to go the distance.

If someone offers you top results in 30 days or less, and you think they can do the job for you, go with them. When you come back, expect to spend longer as the Wiz will likely have to fix their errors, and undo the effects of their junk, black hat, procedures before gaining position in the SERPs. If you have been penalized by Google it may take even longer.

Although this search engine optimization program provides benefit across all search engines, the prime focus is on, and results are measured against, page position in Google SERPs only. The Wiz will work with up to five general keywords and a single unique keyword per site page and blog post. Keywords are single words or multiple word phrases.

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