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This Is My Best Website Package Ever!

You know you need a website. But aren't they crazy expensive? Complex? Confusing? Doesn't it take months to get one built? So much back and forth. And you never get what you want? So where do you turn?

Website Woes WizardsPlace Solution

WizardsPlace Professional Website At Affordable Pricing

You are a coach, a business professional, a solopreneur. You have your own business to run. You don't want to be a designer, developer, or webmaster. You don't want to learn the tech necessary to create and build your own professional website. But you do want a site you can understand and work with as needed.

My goal was to come up with a website package that would provide everything you need to support your online presence while leaving you free to actually run your business. It has all the components and none of the hassles. It's not just a starter pack. It's the complete package.

This Is That Package!

It begins with domain name, DNS configuration, professional hosting, and WordPress core installation. You don't need to worry about any of the technical stuff. If you have your own domain name already, we can use it. If not, we'll help you pick the right one.

WizardsPlace Professional Website Package

Best Premium Themes!

Choose from three of the top site-builder premium themes or any of 21 other additional premium responsive professional themes. If you have a favorite theme not included in the package we can install that, too. There may be a small additional cost.

Top Page Builders!

If you choose not to use a page-builder theme you can still use a page builder. Your website package comes with two of the top rated page builder plugins installed and ready to use. Just pick the one you prefer.

The Wiz Does What Others Miss!

Your website package includes key WordPress core configuration elements often over looked by other web developers. It's the right package. It's also configured the right way!

Security Monitoring & Backup!

These days it is important to have good security and good backups. Your website package includes comprehensive site hardening, attack prevention, and security monitoring. Addtionally there are two levels of backup installed and operational: quick maintenance back up of content and data, and regular full site automated backup with off-site storage.

Extended Features & Functions!

The Wiz has carefully selected an array of professional plugins that extend your site's features and functions. These are the Wiz's own top choices and they are made available already installed. Activate the ones you need when, and as, you need them.