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A Personal Study Mentoring Program For Individuals Serious About Their Own Success

General Description

Personal Study Mentoring Program Description

This program brings together some of the best trainers and top practitioners in their fields. They share their successful methods, their proven concepts, and their vision of the future. This new program offers individual self-study, group mentoring, training, and support, and unique personal and professional online presence development.

Topics covered in this program range from business development and management to social media marketing. The program covers all aspects of online presence. See below for a longer list.

The program also provides regular personal access to Steve. Depending on the level of study you chose, you may have unlimited email contact, forum access, group calls, or personal calls. You can choose your own level of participation and involvement. The program is designed to be completed in twelve months. However, there is no contract period. You may stay with the program for as little, or as long, as suits you and your specific study needs.

Material Covered

Personal Study Mentoring Program Materials

This program provides an extensive array of training, study, and resource materials. At the Elite level, much of this is extended and tailored to the specific needs of the individual participant. New material is added regularly so the course is always fresh. Participants have immediate access to core curriculum. Elective study is made accessible as the program progresses.

There is no junk here, no hype, and no shiny objects. There are no hidden secrets revealed, and no guarded information the big gurus don't want you to know. There is just honest, serious, practical, information and procedures that actually work! Existing material will be regularly updated. Initial areas covered will include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:


  • Business Planning
  • Business Management
  • Pricing For Success
  • Spiritual Marketing
  • Heart Centered Focus
  • Sustainable Income
  • Trust & Authority
  • Serving Your Clients
  • Building For Success


  • Monetizing Passion
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Your Marketing Plan
  • Using Social Media
  • Managing Your List
  • Evergreen Business
  • Creating Products
  • Offering Services
  • Writing Your Book


  • Keyword Power
  • Your Own Domain
  • Hosting Services
  • Blog vs. Website
  • Your Own Website
  • Search Optimization
  • Content Curation
  • Online Security
  • Mastering WordPress


Participation Levels

Personal Study Mentoring Program Participation Levels

We have radically redesigned this program and redeveloped the content. There are now three distinct access levels. There is, however, just a single tier to the self-study portion of the training provided. Everyone has access to the exact same self-study materials. It is in the group and personal access and mentoring that your participation becomes unique.

Through selecting which of the three access levels, you determine the extent of your own areas of participation and involvement. The foundational content, outlined above, will be covered in depth, through self-study, for all the participants. The Select level offers the self-study materials only with email access to instructors. You work at your own pace as you would in any correspondence course.

The Premium level offers those same self-study materials but extends to group participation in forums, group calls, masterminds, webinars, and unlimited email access to instructors. The Elite level includes all of this but offers additional unique materials. These will be developed and presented to you as your instructors learn more about you, your business, and your specific needs and interests. To see pricing, and to register, check the Subscription Signup section near the bottom of this page.

Program Duration

Personal Study Mentoring Program Duration

The self-study materials are designed to provide twelve months of significant study. Some may move through this material more quickly. Others may take longer. You will work at your own speed and take as little, or as long, as you need. This is an on-going, updating, month-to-month program which will take you step-by-step through the material.

You may begin your access at any time. The start date is when you choose to sign up. The end date is when you cancel your subscription. You choose for exactly how long you wish to participate. New material will be added regularly, so the study is always current. Existing material will be updated and may be covered again as new ideas, methodologies, or questions, arise.

This is a long term mentoring program to help you grow within yourself, as well as to provide support, information, and ideas, leading to the growth of a successful work-from-home online business, the marketing and merchandising efforts that support it, and other online presence activities. It's your time. Make the best of it.

Program Attendance

Personal Study Mentoring Program Attendance

Access to introductory material open to all students. You can attend on your own schedule, ask and post questions and comments as you please, and participate in study materials as frequently, or as infrequently, as you need or choose. In part you will discover the program methods themselves help you develop better business habits.

You can return to cover posted material again and again as long as you are a participant in the program. Secondary program activities, including group calls, and personal calls, and mastermind sessions, will be scheduled for set times, designed to suit participants' schedules when possible. Replays of many of these live group calls and other live events may be made available as accessible archives.

Program Costs

Personal Study Mentoring Program Costs

Every effort has been made to keep the price of admission to this program as low as possible while, at the same time, providing continued quality and up-to-date material. The information provided as part of this program is among the best, and most practical, available anywhere. Your cost of participation is among the lowest, most affordable, in the industry.

Consider where you are spending your money now and what you are actually getting for it. For less than many people are paying for their cell phones and cable or satellite entertainment packages, or even a single online monthly training package, you can have priority access to training and mentoring provided by a truly successful leader in the industry, an authoritative voice you can trust.

Sign up today before this personal study mentoring program fills. Due to the nature of the personal components of this program there are a finite number of places available.

Subscription Signup

Personal Study Mentoring Program Gold
Personal Study Mentoring Program
This Personal & Business Development Program Has Three Levels. Choose one.



  • Self-Study Program
  • Online Lessons
  • Reports & eBooks
  • Audio Materials
  • Video Trainings
  • Email Support



  • All Select Items
  • Discussion Forum
  • Live Group Calls
  • Mastermind Sessions
  • Webinars & Tutorials
  • Unlimited Email



  • All Premium Items
  • Individual Mentoring
  • Personal Materials
  • Weekly Strategy Call
  • Live Video Instruction
  • Special Invitations


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You must have a PayPal account in order to subscribe to this program. There is no charge to operated your account or to make payments. You do not need to keep a balance in your PayPal account. You can fund it from your credit card. You can set up a new PayPal account while making payment above. The first payment will be charged today. On or about the same day each subsequent month another subscription payment will be charged to your account. There is no contract period. You may cancel at any time from within your own account. No refunds are offered nor are payments pro-rated for partial month subscription. PayPal is a safe and secure way to make, and receive, online payments. We do not have access to your account or credit card information nor can we make additional charges to your account. If you have questions pr concerns please contact us.

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