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You Need Help To Go It Alone

An oxymoron? Nope. It's a truism. You do need help to go it alone. Being a work-from-home professional, a heart-centered solopreneur, a coach, an artist, a healer, a writer -- whatever your field or niche -- if you are trying to build your own business, to create a successful online presence, identify your target market, develop branding and marketing strategies, you are going to need help.

You can ask your family and friends, hang around social media, take endless courses, and chase shiny objects. Many do. But when your family and friends no longer have time to give, your resources do little more than overwhelm, and the shiny objects are just piling up on your computers hard drive, where do you turn? In fact, where should you turn before you get to that point?

Being a coach doesn't mean you shouldn't have a coach of your own. Being self-employed, being a solopreneur, means you get to wear all the hats and that leaves you trying to figure it out all by yourself. Do you often feel you are trying to wear too many hats? Are you sinking under the technology and suffering from overwhelm? It's not unusual. In fact it is all too common.

You don't want to be alone, but the group you are finding yourself in, all those other solopreneurs in the same boat, is less than comforting. But that can change. Take as step back. Look at the time you are committing, and perhaps the money your are spending, trying to do things on your own. Are you learning how to do things you don't want to do? Things that aren't really part of your passion or the business you thought you were going to run? Let me help.

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What Are Your Goals, Your Dreams, Your Aspirations?

Knowing your dreams is important. Setting goals even more so. Building an action plan and then moving forward on your journey of success is really what you need, what you want, to do. But life, and all those fussy parts of running a business, seems to get in the way. It seems to take so long.

I have answers, plans, strategies, and solutions for you today. I am often called a coach. I think of myself as a mentor. I have an extensive background in business, marketing, analysis, and planning. I know the systems, the processes, and how to apply them effectively. I can cut through the technology, reduce the overwhelm, and get you on the right path.

This is not some secret blueprint. It's not a course or an email series. It's not a one-size-fits-all magic bullet that somehow will work for everyone. In fact, there is no such thing. What I am offering is an opportunity to work directly with me under my personal mentorship. I will be your coach, your guide, your mapmaker. I will work closely with you as we develop the exact plan, create the right strategies, and implement the necessary processes to move your forward to the next levels of your success.

This program includes monthly live-stream one-on-one exploration sessions, periodic group programs, access to study and training materials, individual planning, brain-storming sessions, performance evaluation, in-depth self-examination and strategy/solution development. You will have direct access to me by Zoom or Skype, plus unlimited text and/or email. You will have someone to call, somewhere to turn, when you need help. And you will have someone who brings answers, real answers, serious answers, to the table. This program provides up to 5 hours actual support time per month.

Are You Ready To Get Serious?

I can only offer this program at this low price to a small number of participants. I will be giving you my time, expensive time, on a personal and focused basis, for a very low price. Once the list is full, there will be no more spots available until one opens up again. Get with the program now. Stay for as long as you wish. Spend six months or a year with me, longer if it works for you, and see how you can take your business to new heights.

See how you can release the spirit within you to accomplish the things you once knew you could. Find your dreams again. Dust off those old goals. Set new ones. Learn how to make them a reality. I will commit to you if you are willing to commit to YOURSELF!

Personal Mentoring

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