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Online presence is about you getting your business online where both new and returning customers or clients will be able to find your offers, your products, your services, or your information. Whether it is professional writing, blogging for profit, selling consumer goods, reviewing niche products, promoting affiliates, coaching others, or sharing your gift with othrs, it is your business and it does matter! You need to...

Establish your online presence quickly and easily

Slice through your technical confusion and fear

Build, grow, and manage your online presence

Promote and market your business like the pros

The Problem:
Business is difficult enough these days. Online business adds a whole new layer to the process. The technology, the learning curve, the time required. And web designers, it seems, all speak geek. Most of them don't understand business needs, especially not your business needs. They offer their favorite products, the handful of things they know, but not always the solutions you need. You know what you want to do but you can't seem to bring the pieces together to make it happen on your own.
The Challenge:
Finding a web professional who understands real business needs, in particular your business needs, and who can marry those needs with a suitable, understandable, manageable, online presence solution is the key. You need a system that supports your business ideas and delivers your concepts, information, and products, successfully to your client base. You need someone with the experience to develop a personalized solution that incorporates all aspects of your online presence from opt-in and product launch to information and service delivery, from organic traffic and trust marketing to search engine optimization and social media.
The Solution:
Steve has been providing online presence solutions since before the Internet was public. He's been designing and building websites for large corporations and small kitchen-table home-based business since the early 90s. He has used nearly every website system available. His extensive business experience over the years in a variety of fields means he can readily understand your particular business needs and bring together the right online presence solutions necessary to allow you to do what you do best; run your business without getting bogged down in the technology. Steve listens to your story, understands your needs, brings the right solutions together with valuable extras in support of your business and, best of all, he speaks in a language you can understand.
The Results:
Steve has developed websites, content delivery systems, marketing solutions, and business support structures for individuals, small businesses, and global corporations. He can guide you through establishing your current starting point, an often over looked benchmark. He can assist you in goal setting, helping you establish reasonable short term ones, as well as realistic long term goals. If it is a business plan you need, Steve can help. Motivation? Personal development? Key resources? Project focus and trust marketing?

Steve knows business and he knows online presence solutions. He delivers the kinds of solutions you need for your business whether it's a basic blogging site, a service information platform, e-commerce systems, or full multi-user membership solutions. He is a successful search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) professional who will get you started and guide you along the right track.

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Client Testimonial

Have you seen the amazing progress that I have made today on my website?!!! I have been building my site all day. Still a couple of pages to go tomorrow and then it's on to the SEO.

This time last week, I really didn't see any light at the end of the tunnel, but I'm really pleased I've got it sorted now - all thanks to you of course, Steve! So grateful and appreciative of your help and assistance.

Diane Brown, Pawtraits,
London, U.K.


Client Testimonial

I discovered "The Wiz" in 2005 when I was searching for a first-class designer of eBay seller listing templates, so that my eBay items for sale would look very professional. All the research I did pointed to "The Wiz" as the #1 provider of high quality listing templates. I learned very quickly that "The Wiz" was highly skilled in many areas that I considered to be way over my head. I turned to Steve, not just for eBay templates, and general online selling advice, but also with PHP and mySQL development work on many co-developed websites for scores of clients.

I did not realize then just how much Steve Henry would influence my business success over the next six years. It has been my good fortune that Steve has also become a trusted friend, as well as business associate and mentor for anything to do with online selling.

Dan Therrell, 123 Biz,
Fairhope, AL.


Client Testimonial

First I want express my sincere thanks to Steve/wiz for working his magic on my website. I really would have been lost without his help. As a matter of fact, I was lost without his help. He worked tirelessly on my website, then he helped me with every aspect of web-building. There were many nights that I would be up working, I would run into a snag, and he would bail me out!! Thanks Steve, for all you do. May God bless you!!

Corine Sykes, Rwees' Music & More,
Ahoskie, NC.

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