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If You Were Redirected Here You Probably Tried To Access Something
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Membership access is now required only for live-streaming classroom offerings. Silver level membership is included with the price of classroom attendance. Membership is "lifetime" and will continue even if you cancel your classroom program.

With the exception of ebooks, BizKits, and other items offered in the WizardsPlace Bookshop store, all other materials, including video tutorials, courses, workshops, posts, pages, and other information is freely available without charge. Membership in not required for any of this.

Your Support Is Appreciated

Thanks to our supporters you now have access to our extensive, and often exclusive, library of WordPress information just by being here. To keep this happening, please join our growing list of supporters by contributing today. Please use the form in the sidebar to the right to make a small donation to the up-keep and running of this website. Funds go to costs including acquiring new courses and other materials each month.

Thank You!

For my complete range of WizardsPlace BizKits, eBooks, WordPress support services, special reports, and other web services, see the WizardsPlace Online Bookstore.

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  1. […] Workshops. You will need to sign up as a member to access it, but that is FREE and available on the Membership Programs page. […]

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