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Hire It DoneWizard's Place is a resource website providing fully managed premium website packages to serve your every online presence need. But what if you already have your own website? The tech stuff is still over whelming. The learning curve is stealing time from the things you want, need, to do to build your business. The "do it yourself" concept sounded great at the time but it has become a burden you would like to leave behind.

Call The WizSometimes, however, you simply don't want to be bothered doing it yourself. Perhaps you still find the process more than you want to tackle, or maybe you would rather spend the time doing something to move other areas of your business forward and leave the techie stuff to someone else. Wizard's Place has got you covered here too! The Wiz will take on individual projects. Contact him for a quote. There's no cost for the initial request. The Wiz can quote work by the hour or one price for the complete job. Contact him today to discuss your project.

contact the wizard by email1) By email:


Email is the preferred method. I will always get back to you as quickly as possible. Put "WIZ" in upper-case letters as the first part of your subject line and follow it with a representative subject. Describe your project so I can quote.

contact the wizard by phone2) By Phone:


Please call between noon and midnight U.S. Central Time (Kansas) I'm a real person, not an Asian call center, so I'm not always there. If you hear Lora's lovely voice, leave a message and I'll get back to you just as soon as I can.

the wizard's emergency service call3) WordPress Service Call:

Please Click Here

The Wiz will visit your self-hosted WordPress site to fix any single problem or deal with any one issue as outlined on the detail page (click above). The fixed cost for this service is $49.99 with a money-back no-risk guarantee if the problem cannot be resolved by the Wiz.



Jan Revell
Jan Revell
Body Linguistics


I value Steve's help immensely. I understand enough about websites and web design to be dangerous, but I know when to stop and ask the expert, Steve! He can then tell me, and sometimes talk me through, the process to solve the problem, so I can do it myself next time (hoping I remember when I need it again!). It's great to work with a "guru" who works WITH me rather than either taking it over and leaving me to stand on the sidelines or one who makes me feel inadequate/stupid. Steve has always been not just gracious but willing to help me work through an issue. It feels like real teamwork, and I truly appreciate having Steve on my team!


Positive things happen every day, everywhere. You just have to open your eyes to see them. Finding yes in a no world isn’t always easy but it is all around us. Re-think the obvious. We call them stop lights but they are typically green as long as they are red so why not go lights. Change your perspective and observation and you will find the things that have been holding you back can become vehicles to move you forward. Turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones! It’s all in how YOU see it!" -the Wiz.