For those of us who embraced, loved, and regularly used, the Blab interactive live-streaming platform, today manifests a certain sadness that can hardly be described. Akin to losing a good friend, the passing of Blab into Internet history conveys an emptiness that may never be filled again. We liked Blab for many reasons. Blab brought us together and Blab let us share. You will be missed, my friend!

Blab Is Gone. We Must Move On

I have had a good run on Blab. It wasn't my first experience with live-streaming but it was my first serious on-going commitment to it. I started in early October of 2015 when blab was only a handful of months old. My last Blab was yesterday at noon CT.

Blab's closing will leave many regular presenters in search of a new home. I'm one of them. While I already use Zoom for classroom sessions, meetings, and one-on-one coaching and support calls, It doesn't have that easy-going coffee shop fell that came built-in with Blab some how.

These are my three shows which will continue next week one way or another, even if I have to stand on a soap box at the park down at the end of my street!

  • Motivational Monday
    - currently discussing the Law of Attraction.
  • WordPress Wednesday
    - where we share all things related to WordPress.
  • Focus Friday
    - a focus on you and your business success (currently: Internet marketing).

You can find details about what happened to Blab at this page, and keep updated on what I'm doing with live-streaming here.

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