File Transfer Protocol FTP Videos, Software, & Guide

You have probably heard the term FTP. You might know it has something to do with files. You may even know it is about uploading and downloading files to and from your computer. It is, in fact, the most reliable way to move files around the Internet. There are other methods, but you should definitely learn about this one. And while WordPress has a built-in file transfer mechanism, you may even want to use FTP from time to time. It is one of the tools you really should have available to you.

These videos will help you understand file transfer protocol and, in particular, one of the most popular FTP programs available.

FileZilla is a safe, secure, professional quality software package that is FREE and can be downloaded HERE. You can also download a FREE personal-use-only (okay to give away too) digital PDF guide book for FileZilla below.

FileZilla PDF Download Now
Free FileZilla Guide Book

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