Brussels Griffon Gifts & Merchandise

Furry Fame

What’s a Brussels Griffon you may ask? Think you never heard of this breed? Think again! Maybe the image below will ring a bell. This breed has been in a handful of popular movies, including As Good As It Gets and First Wives Club.

as good as it gets brussels griffon

It’s Easy to Fall In Love

If the Brussels Griffon is still new to you then get excited to meet one of the most interesting looking dog breeds! The Brussels Griffon has a squishy little face that seems to be human-like at times. They have a ton of energy and they are super expressive. Not only are they great companions, they are adorable beyond words. Some people may not think this is a cute breed. They have wirey hair, pointy ears, and big muzzles. But, to prove to you how cute this dog breed can be, view the images below.

brussels pup
Griffon Bruxellois puppy
smooth brussels

SO cute, right!? These are Brussels Griffon puppies and smooth haired Brussels Griffons. The traditional looking Brussels Griffon is a bit more rough looking, as seen in the image below.


We love every dog, but we understand beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Brussels Griffon Gifts

We love our collection of Brussels Griffon gifts that we offer at because they capture the true essence of this breed. The squishy looking face, pointy ears, and wirey hair are all present features on our dog gifts. These characteristics give the Brussels Griffon its unique look and we embrace that. Our Brussels griffon gifts include: angel ornaments, bumper stickers, and figurines. Our figurines come in two sizes: mini and standard. Our ornaments and figurines come in two coat-color options: red and black.

You can find all of our Brussels Griffon gifts here: Brussels Griffon Gifts.

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