My Dog is Going Blind – Living with a Blind Dog Post

There are several reasons why your dog may have been born blind or is slowly becoming blind. If you learn the reasons behind blindness in dogs, sometimes you can help prevent or slow down the blinding process. In our latest article, we discuss a few of the most common causes of dog blindness. As a teaser to the article, we will tell you that the most common cause of blindness is cataracts. Dogs suffer from cataracts just like humans do. Luckily, the process to eliminate cataracts has a great success rate among dogs.

Seeing your dog decline, or not be able to perform to their highest level, can be difficult to watch. Anyone who has a blind dog, or a dog who is losing their eye sight, knows the struggle. You feel bad for your dog while also knowing the need to care for your dog. In this article, we discuss the actions you can take to be your dog’s biggest advocate. If the blindness cannot be prevented, you can still take action to eliminate most of the hardships you will incur. Small actions, like maintaining routine, can make the blinding process less daunting. The main goal is to maintain your dog’s happiness and quality of life. You want to make sure your days together are still filled with joy, and not overshadowed with frustration or sadness. A positive attitude toward any struggle will always deliver greater results, and this applies to aiding a disabled dog as well. In the article below you can read more about living with a blind or blinding dog.

My Dog is Going Blind – Living with a Blind Dog Article

5 Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2015

On February 22, the American Kennel Club (AKC) announced the 5 most popular dog breeds of 2015.

Here’s the list:

1. Labrador Retriever
2. German Shepherd
3. Golden Retriever
4. Bulldog
5. Beagle

The Lab has been the most popular dog breed in America for the last 25 years in a row. That is a longstanding reign of the top spot! It’s understandable why the Lab maintains the number one ranking. They are super easy to train and they make excellent family dogs. They get along great with kids and they have an easy going temperament. We are sure you know someone who has or had a Lab at one point or another. All colored Labrador Retrievers are included in the number one rank, including but not limited to the Black Lab, Yellow Lab, White Lab, and Chocolate Lab.



We’d love to see the Pomeranian make the list one day!

Above you can see all the key covers that we have to match the top breeds of 2015. To shop our key covers click here: Dog Lover Key Covers

What breed are you surprised made the list? Which breed would you like to see make the list next year? We thought maybe the Shih Tzu, Pug, or the French Bulldog would have made the rank for 2015.

New AKC Dog Breeds Recognized

Almost every year the American Kennel Club recognizes new dog breeds and adds them to their categorized groups accordingly. You can view the breakdown of all the dogs the American Kennel Club currently recognizes here: AKC Kennel Club Recognized Dogs & Groups (Which will be updated with the newest breeds). Dogs are added to the American Kennel Club groups by proving themselves as an upcoming breed that has maintained growth, health, and sustainability. It takes time for dog breeds to be recognized by the AKC. The AKC only recognizes pure bred dog breeds. They will not recognize mixed breeds such as a Maltipoo (a Maltese and Poodle mix) or a Puggle (a Pug and Beagle mix). The AKC doesn’t recognize these breeds because they are essentially hybrids of two already recognized breeds. The AKC requires breeds to be sustainable before officially being recognized to make sure breeding habits are healthy and the breed is a dog that will be around in years to come.

The newest dog breeds added to the American Kennel Club are the Sloughi and the American Hairless Terrier. These breeds may sound new to you but chances are you will become more familiar with them as time goes on. The Sloughi is a medium to large sized dog and is a part of the Hound Group, one of the 7 groups of the AKC. They are also known as the Arabian Greyhound. This breed has a lot of energy and has similar features as the Greyhound and Whippet. They have long, high-arched hind legs and slender snouts. Although they have a lot of energy, they can be reserved when they are relaxing. They move with grace and they are not very timid. They have short-haired coats and plenty of muscle. They are not built thick like a Pitbull but they are designed to be quick on their feet so their anatomy is lean, long, and slender.

The American Hairless Terrier is a much cuter dog than its name portrays. Like most terriers, the American Hairless Terrier is on the smaller side of the dog scale. They aren’t as small as a Yorkie but closer to the size of a Jack Russell Terrier. As you may have guessed, this breed falls into the American Kennel Club’s terrier group. Also, classic to the terrier group, this breed has a good amount of energy. Energetic dog breeds tend to be curious and alert. They love to explore and be on the look out in their surroundings. The American Hairless Terrier gets its name from its coat. This breed is smooth with no hair or fur. Because of this, on many American Hairless Terriers you are able to see all of their freckles and markings on their skin, which gives them a unique look. Not all American Hairless Terriers are freckled or spotted. Some are solid colors, but they still don’t have any hair.

What breed would you like to see entered in the American Kennel Club’s collection of dogs next year?

New Features at Dog Lover Store

At Dog Lover Store we are always striving to offer features and information to better serve you. Whether it be a new convenient payment method at checkout, or general information about dogs that can better serve you during the gift season, we are always thinking of ways to make shopping for dog gifts easier for our customers!

Most Popular Dog Gifts Article & Feature

Our first feature we have added to our site is our “Most Popular Dog Gifts” article. This article connects to our product offering. The article can be found here Most Popular Dog Breeds and analyzes the most popular dog breeds based on # of owners for each breed as well as total sales for the breed on We have then added a link to the products that pertain to each breed displaying the rank of the breed. You can see this here:

Pug Gifts Rank Link. Right above the image you can see: “Pug Gifts > Best Selling Breed Rank: #17″. This lets the user know that the Pug breed ranks #17 overall out of all the breeds we stock. This is useful to help potential customers know what breeds are most popular when buying for friends/family or especially children that don’t own dogs.

Custom Painted Figurines & Ornaments

Our next feature that we have added consists of our custom painted figurines and ornaments. Now anytime you shop our mini or medium figurines, and angel ornaments, you will have an option to add up to 3 images of your dog and pay an additional $17.50 for custom paint. The images you upload will automatically add $17.50 to your order and the images will be uploaded to our artists. Our artists will then use those images to custom paint your figurine. Have a look at any one of our products in the following categories to see the custom paint option –

Custom Painted Dog Figurines – Mini

Custom Painted Dog Figurines – Standard

Custom Painted Dog Ornaments – Guardian Angels

All of the products found in those 3 categories can be custom painted, just click a product and have a look at the image upload feature!

Amazon Checkout with Amazon Payments

Our last feature that we have recently implemented on our site is the Amazon Payments gateway. Anytime you purchase from Dog Lover Store make your checkout a breeze in 3 simple steps.

  • Step 1: At the cart or checkout page click the “Pay with Amazon” button.
  • Step 2: Input your Amazon email and Amazon password for your Amazon account.
  • Step 3: Choose a payment method and shipping address on file with your Amazon account.

That is it! I don’t think it can get any easier than that :-)

We hope all of our customers are able to use some of our new features and they help make your experience on Dog Lover Store not only easier but more personal too! :-)

Thank you!

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Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday!

Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Teddy!

Happy Birthday Teddy!

Today is Teddy’s birthday! He was born on May 1 2006, so he turns 9 today. Like most dog lovers out there, we consider Teddy to be a family member. How do you celebrate your family member’s birthday? With a party, cake, and presents of course! Teddy’s birthday celebration will be no different. If you want to have a fun day celebrating your dog’s birthday, follow our lead!

Dog Birthday Schedule
1. Morning kisses and hugs
2. Birthday breakfast
3. Birthday walk and exploration
4. Birthday cake
5. Birthday gifts
6. Bonus birthday play session
7. Birthday cuddles

We start off the day giving Teddy a big hug and kiss and wishing him a happy birthday. He gets his typical breakfast with an extra treat after he finishes. Teddy loves to play and explore so instead of just going for a walk around the neighborhood we will take him to local park. Parks allow him to see new things, which he loves! Tonight Teddy will enjoy a dog-friendly birthday cake. We will celebrate with him by having ice cream sundaes. After the cake, we will give Teddy his birthday gifts to open all by himself. Teddy is a Pomeranian so we wrap his gifts up in our Pomeranian-themed dog wrapping paper. You can view all of our wrapping paper here:

Dog Gift Wrap

Teddy loves tearing apart the wrapping paper to get to his birthday gifts. It’s almost as fun as the gift inside! Teddy is obsessed with squeaky toys so every year we get him a new toy. He still loves his favorite toy, a squeaky ice cream cone, but he enjoys playing with new toys too. A quick play session (he loves playing fetch) will get him pooped from a fun-filled day. We will end the day with kisses and cuddles on the couch.


Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

We have come across MANY dog recipes over the years but we found that Teddy has his favorite. Below you can view the recipe that we will be making for our dog’s birthday cake. We found this recipe through Pinterest and it was created by It’s easiest if you make your birthday cake recipe into individual cupcakes or “pupcakes”. That way your dog can 1 pupcake at a time and not devour an entire cake!

dog friendly birthday cupcakes

1 egg
1/4 cup peanut butter
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/3 cup honey
1 cup shredded carrots
1 cup whole wheat flour (preferred) or white flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
Extra peanut butter and shredded carrots to top the pupcakes. One dog bone and bacon strip dog treat for decoration.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. In a mixing bowl, combine the egg, peanut butter, oil, vanilla, and honey. Blend well. Stir in the carrots and mix thoroughly. Sift flour and baking soda together and fold into batter.

Fill 6 lined cupcake molds 3/4 of the way full with the batter. Bake for 20 minutes (35-40 minutes if making one full cake) or until cooked through. Remove from the oven and let the pupcakes cool completely before frosting.

Once cooled, spread peanut butter over the tops of the pupcakes and top with remaining carrot shred “sprinkles”. Break a bacon strip in half and push one side firmly into the cake to keep in place. Add a bone treat in front of the strip and your pupcakes are ready to be served for your dog’s birthday!

Pinterest Logo

Check out all of our favorite dog-friendly recipes on our Pinterest board here: Dog-Friendly Recipes.

This is how we celebrate our dog’s birthday! Tell us how you celebrate your dog’s birthday, we would love to hear!

How to Calm Your Dog Down – Too Excited – Hyper Article

We have added a new article covering hyper activity in dogs. We cover why dogs become over excited and what the necessary steps are to calm your dog down. We offer 5 simple steps that should be enforced regularly to help your dog maintain a calm and positive mind. Give the article a read: Click Here. If you have any questions or have information that could be added to our article, leave a comment or send us an email at

Happy Reading Dog Lovers :-)

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Does Your Pooch Have Seasonal Dog Allergies?

Seasonal Dog Allergies

We recently wrote an article on to inform our customers about seasonal dog allergies. Similar to humans, allergies can be present in dogs year round. From Summer, to Fall, to Winter, to Spring, seasonal dog allergies can be affecting your dog. Throughout the article we discuss seasonal dog allergies by each season. By reading the article you will learn that Spring tends to be the most common time for allergies to really act up. The article, which can be found here {Does My Dog Have Seasonal Allergies?} also discusses a couple different types of allergies. Dog owners should understand the differences between environmental allergies, seasonal allergies, and food allergies.

Here is an outline of the article:
-Seasonal Dog Allergies – Spring/Summer/Winter/Fall {Introduction}
-What are seasonal dog allergies? {Defining allergies/Similarities/Differences}
-Dog Spring Allergies
-Dog Summer Allergies
-Dog Fall Allergies
-Dog Winter Allergies
-Signs and Symptoms of Dog Allergies
-Signs and Symptoms of Dog Allergies on Specific Body Parts {View Image Below}
-Getting your Dog Tested and Examined at the Vet {Prevention and Treatment}

Symptoms of Seasonal Dog Allergies

In our article you will see the image below. We curated this image to give our readers and customers a visual of the symptoms their dog may be suffering from during allergy season. Each part of the dog’s body will give clear signs of having a response to an allergen. Not all allergic reactions are life threatening but some can be, which is why it is important to be aware of your dog’s surroundings and symptoms. Plus, some mild allergies can actually become very painful for your dog. For example, if your dog’s paws are very itchy, he may start excessively scratching and liking them, turning them into sores. Ouch!

Seasonal Dog Allergies

Symptoms of Seasonal Dog Allergies

In addition to being aware of your dog’s signs of allergies, you should also consider treatment and prevention. In our article we discuss several preventative measures to prevent and resolve allergens. Some of these options include omega 3 supplements, cleaning, bathing, and antihistamines. Read more information about seasonal dog allergies here: Does My Dog Have Seasonal Allergies?.

Welsh Corgi Gifts, Decor, and Statues

Why do you we love our collection of Corgi gifts?

Because we LOVE Corgis, of course!! Our collection of Corgi gifts, including our Corgi statues, shows off their undeniable cuteness! The Welsh Corgi’s long body that stands low to the ground is just too adorable. Their body structure causes them to walk with a waddle and run with swag! That’s right, we said it, the Corgi has SWAG!





And, have you ever seen a Corgi puppy? YOU HAVEN’T!? Well, get ready to fall in love:





Yes, we know, they are almost too cute to handle. The Corgi puppy above is a Pembroke Corgi (they typically do not have tails). The image below is a Cardigan Corgi (they have tails). Their coloring and their tails, or lack thereof, are different. But in our opinion, they are both equally as cute.


How cute am I!?


Okay, the resemblance is just scary!

What other Corgi Gifts do we have?

Well, you can shop our entire collection of Corgi gifts here: Corgi Collectibles.

But here are some more of our favorite Corgi items…

Our bird feeders are one of our favorite Corgi items because they make beautiful Spring and Summer gifts. Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day, and an abundant amount of birthdays (at least our family) are during the Spring and Summer months. Our bird feeders make the perfect gift to get people excited for the warm months ahead. Plus, we love how our line of wooden, made in the USA, Corgi gifts come in a variety of colors. We know Corgis come in more colors than just pembroke and cardigan. The Corgi bird feeder below is the sable Corgi variety.

Welsh Corgi Bird Feeder

We also love our pewter key chains. These are great because they look just like the Corgi but they aren’t color specific. Non-color-specific Corgi gifts are special because they don’t cater to a specific color pattern. This allows you to find the perfect Corgi collectible even if you have a unique colored Corgi.


Dog Writing Pens – The Perfect Office Gift

Need an Office Gift Idea That Wows?

With Administrative Professionals Day just around the corner (April 22nd, 2015) you may be looking for the perfect gift for your coworker. And if you have a dog lover in your office, then our pens will do the trick! Say “thank you” with a cute, yet functional gift!

administrative professionals day

Why Our Dog Pens Make a Terrific Office Gift

1. They come in over 70 different dog breeds. That’s right, from Airedale and Bernese to Shiba Inu and Weimaraner, you will have no trouble finding your coworker’s dog breed! Some of the common dog breeds you may hear around the water cooler include shih tzu, boxer, dachshund, maltese, yorkie, and german shepherd. We have dog gel pens for all these breeds!

2. They make a useful, thoughtful gift for your coworker. If you need to find the perfect office gift for your coworker, these pens are it! Everyone has that coworker with framed pictures of their dog on their desk. Our dog gel pens make a terrific gift for them. Knowing what to get your coworker means you will have Secret Santa all set this year!

3. Our pens are affordable! We know how many gifts you have to buy throughout the year and during Christmas time. The last thing you want to do is spend $20+ on a coworker. And what will you receive? A measly $5 coupon to a local restaurant! (Aren’t those free??) Our black dog pens are priced at just $4! Cute, useful, and affordable!

4. Customers rave about the ink, and we sell ink cartridge refills! Month after month customers ask for gel ink refills for our pens. The gel ink has that smooth writing feel that we all love. Plus the ink is black, which makes these pens versatile especially for work. We sell our ink cartridge refills in sets of 3 so you won’t run out for months!

5. Our pens pair marvelously with our notepads. If you want to buy your coworker more than just a pen, try pairing our pens with our dog lover notepads to create an office gift that wows!

gel ink pen refills

Black Gel Ink Refills .7mm



Welsh Corgi Pembroke



Doberman Pinscher



French Bulldog



Shop our collection of dog gel pens here: Office Gift: Pens.

Coonhound Gifts & Merchandise

Coonhound Gifts: It’s Quality, Not Quantity

When it comes to our collection of Coonhound gifts, we like to focus on the quality of each item we offer. Currently, we carry 5 different product lines of Coonhound gifts. Take a look below at our collection.



Our bumper stickers are one of our most popular selling products. Customers love our Coonhound bumper stickers because they are fun and expressive! They show off the love you have for your dog, loud and proud. Plus, they are great price point, under $5!



Our pewter key chains are one of OUR favorite products. We love them because they are hand made right here in the USA. They come from a lovely family-run company who have been in the business for years.


As you can see we carry 2 varieties of the Coonhound, the bluetick and the black and tan. The black and tan Coonhound is mostly black with tan markings on the chest, legs, and face. The bluetick coonhound, which is less common, is mostly white with an abundant amount of bluish black spots and markings. Take a peek below to see what the bluetick Coonhound and the black and tan Coonhound look like in person.


black and tan coonhound

The Coonhound also comes in a redbone variety, as pictured below.


At this time we do not carry any redbone Coonhound gifts. We hope to in the future. We are always looking for new product lines with a great breed offering. Hopefully we will be able to offer Coonhound signs, Coonhound socks, and Coonhound ornaments. But one of the reasons why we love our pewter key chains is that they work for any Coonhound lover. They are a solid silver color which makes them a great gift no matter what color your Coonhound is!

Shop our Coonhound gifts collection here: Coonhound Dog Gifts.

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