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Formerly Our Hutch Web Services, Combining

  • 50+ years small business, corporate and consulting experience.
  • 35+ years hands-on e-commerce practice and development.
  • 25+ years Internet server administration and management.
  • 25+ years web design and website management.
  • 20+ years eBay selling (3 as power sellers)

Our mission is to:
- apply our combined experience in support of your online business presence,
- create a clear and effective digital representation of your applied business vision,
- deliver excellence in both the product design and professional support services we offer,
- develop sound concepts that encourage the furtherance of your business goals.

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Sunflower - Who We Are Who We Are

We are Lora and Steve Henry and together we've been operating Our Hutch Web Services for more than ten years. Our combined business experience totals more than fifty years. Our individual strengths support each other and combine to make us more than just the sum of the parts.

As e-commerce business solution providers we bring personal service, and attention to detail, to each project we undertake. Our prices are competitive and our knowledge and experience supports our ability to successfully deliver better business solutions and effective results to the e-commerce world. We care about each and every client, whether large or small.

Located in Hutchinson, KS, we serve clients in Reno County, Wichita, Salina, McPhearson, and other communities in the state of Kansas, across the United States, and in numerous countries around the world. Operating in a small community in mid-Kansas (central time), we understand mid-America values. We apply honesty, integrity, and hard work, in our business efforts every day.

Choosing Our Hutch Web Services for your project is your next step on your journey to success. Our Hutch Web Services is your total web presence solution provider.

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Steve with mug About The Wiz

Rev. Stephen B. Henry, PhD. -- you can call him Steve -- has been around the Internet since before it was public, since the days of ARPAnet and NSFnet. He has been involved in business in one form or another, buying, selling, managing, since his early teens. His first involvement with e-commerce came in 1989. He has managed, owned and/or operated, multiple Internet Service Provider (ISP) and web design businesses. From successful personal enterprises to management positions with international and Fortune 100 companies, he has extensive experience across all aspects of business.

The Wiz, for WordPress Wizard, as he is known on the 'net, has created thousands of web pages over the years. This site is an example of his work. He works with HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL, having hand coded dozens of large and complex sites and, in the last several years, has become actively involved in the WordPress community. Steve now uses WordPress for most of his own sites and many client sites and develops themes, special plug-ins, page templates, and other special functions for WordPress sites.

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Team group Our Team

Acknowledging that we cannot possibly be experts in all areas of this endeavor, and recognizing the global scope of our own business, Our Hutch Web Services reaches out to other professionals as needed to handle those tasks we know can be achieved better by others. Whether your needs include complex Flash implementation, a special graphic design, logo creation, or sophisticated Java Script programming, if we cannot handle it in-house, we have people available near by, and around the world, who can tackle the task, completing and complementing each project we undertake.

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Small Business Small Business Accounts

When it comes to e-commerce, many small businesses conduct their operations from an office in the home, a converted bedroom, a corner of the recreation room, or even the kitchen table. We understand this. We also understand that the Internet makes for a level playing field where the small business owner can compete head-to-head with businesses of all sizes. Your Internet presence is about the products and services you offer, not how big you are.

Our Hutch Web Services provides a range of products and services with the small business owner in mind. Geared towards maximizing your exposure, while remaining cost-effective, our years of direct experience with small personal enterprises, and running small businesses of our own, ensures we understand your needs.

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Commercial Business Commercial Accounts

We also understand large commercial business needs. With management and executive experience in major multinational corporations, we've been there with hands-on exposure, from the production line to the board room. We know what it takes. We know how it's done. We provide a balanced approach to problem solving and delivering solutions to your corporate-sized issues. We deliver key products and services on time and on budget. Talk to us.

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Contract Accounts Contract Accounts

Our Hutch Web Services also provides website design, shopping cart and database implementation, and server and website management, to other web service companies. One of our major accounts is Blue Mullet Web Services of Fairhope AL. We have handled a number of jobs for them, including server management and various website programming tasks. If you are looking for website services in the Alabama Gulf Shores area you will want to give Dan Therrell at Blue Mullet Web Services a call.

We also work closely with Zfish Websites & Blogs, another Alabama company that specializes in WordPress solutions. Tim Mooney in Ulladulla, NSW, Australia, has a growing website business that compliments his existing real estate aerial photography operation. We provide the support Tim needs to deliver innovative WordPress solutions to his clients.

If you are a website company looking for additional assistance and services give us a shout. We can tailor a suite of wholesale-priced website design and management services specific to your company's development needs, or handle individual contracts as they arise. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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