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This course, training, and mentoring program is for a complete business creation package with everything you need to start your own professional website business today! If you are looking to supplement, or replace, your present job, add to your current e-commerce mix, or just start a new business of your own, you should carefully read this entire page.

This is a complete business package designed, and offered exclusively, by Rev. Stephen B. Henry, PhD., known online as the "Wiz". The Wiz makes his entire living online so he isn't just talking about it. He's living it. He knows how it's done and he shares all his secrets with you in this one, complete, package. You can start your own business and be successsful selling professional websites. And you don't need to know one bit of HTML, or other coding languages, to be successful. The Wiz knows what works!

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This Easy-To-Start Package Shows You Exactly How To Build Your Own Website Business
Let's Take A Look Inside And See What The Wiz Has Included In This Powerful Package:

  • Business information, links, and other resources, to get your started right out of the gate.
  • Recommended books, websites, and additional materials you will want to know about.
  • A complete professionally designed website as a base from which to build your own business.
  • Your own domain name linked to your website. Full DNS management support included.
  • Opt-in mailing list and promotional information pages included in your website design.
  • Tips, ideas, and concepts, for expanding your website business locally, nationally, globally.
  • Marketing concepts and resources for promoting your business where it really matters.
  • 90 day in-depth training program gets you up and running fast; sell and earn in your first week.
  • You could earn back the entire cost of the course, and more, before you complete it.
  • Three one hour live telephone support sessions to be used any time in your first year.
  • Unlimited email support to get professional answers to your questions for one full year.
  • One year membership in the Online Sellers Association and Wizard's Place tech support site.
  • Quality sources for professional, pre-made, websites you can offer proudly to your clients.
  • Recommended source for professional hosting services you can provide to your customers.
  • Reseller website hosting and domain registration services with full profits to you.
  • Available installation and technical support for website, domain and DNS management.
  • A 100 listing e-commerce store pre-paid for one year on Main Street Mall Online.
  • Course additions and updates as they become available, keeping your package current.

The Wiz Works One-On-One With You!


Don't Wait Another Minute! Purchase The Wiz's
 Complete Website Business Package 
Get Started In A Business Of Your Own!

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Spend your energy building, promoting, and running, your own business. Use your skills to develop customers and provide great service. The Wiz makes it easy so you don't have to spend excessive time trying to code websites -- even if you know how! Do what you do best. Make money!

Client Testimonial

I discovered "The Wiz" in 2005 when I was searching for a first-class designer of eBay seller listing templates, so that my eBay items for sale would look very professional. All the research I did pointed to "The Wiz" as the #1 provider of high quality listing templates. I learned very quickly that "The Wiz" was highly skilled in many areas that I considered to be way over my head. I turned to Steve, not just for eBay templates, and general online selling advice, but also with PHP and mySQL development work on many co-developed websites for scores of clients.

I did not realize then just how much Steve Henry would influence my business success over the next six years. It has been my good fortune that Steve has also become a trusted friend, as well as business associate and mentor for anything to do with online selling.

Dan Therrell
Retro-Marketing, Fairhope, AL.

The more you understand just how valuable this package could be to your life,
the less you think about delaying this important decision.

The Wiz's Easy Professional
 Complete Website Business Package 
Is What You've Been Looking For

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What would a fair price tag for a professional website business package like this one actually be? Similar packages are currently offered at seminars for as much as $14,000.00 -- that's right, fourteen thousand dollars! It should be a tempting bargain if the Wiz offered a package as good as this for as low as $7500.00. In fact he was encouraged to price it in that range but he said "No!" That's right. All this great information and support packed into an easy step-by-step business package offered by a world famous course instructor, web designer, and e-commerce consultant, for an even lower price than that.

When the Wiz told his associates he was going to do even better they were not prepared for what he said next. He decided this package should be retail priced at just $4500.00. That, of course, would be an absolutely super deal! But then Wiz surprised everyone even further! He actually decided to let this package go for an unbeatable introductory price of just $3700.00 That's right. $3700.00! That's about the price that might be charged for the professional business website that's included with the package! This package won't be -- can't be! -- offered at this price forever, so be the one, get your package now before the price goes up.

Provides Everything You Need To Start And Build
Your Own Successful Professional Website Business Today!
Includes One-On-One Training, Coaching, and Mentoring, With The Wiz!

This Is Your Opportunity To Purchase The Wiz's
 Complete Website Business Package 
At Our Introductory Price Of Just $4500.00 $3700.00!

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