What Do You Get?

You get a completely installed, pre-configured, professionally hosted, semi-managed, WordPress website. And it’s ready to go in 24 to 48 hours!

MSMO Sites WordPress Themes

What’s It include?

  • Sub-domain, ie: http://msmosites.com/yourname/, or use your own domain name.
  • Professional-grade website hosting on fast VPS servers with SSD digital drives.
  • Fully installed, pre-configured WordPress multi-page website with integrated blog.
  • Two premium (Canvas & OmniPress) and eight free business-ready themes installed.
  • Nineteen carefully selected best-selection plugins supplying features you need.
  • Automated graphic/image/photo resizing and compression to keep your site fast.
  • Internal mailing list management and easy email or newsletter delivery.
  • Extended page/post editor provides a greater, more familiar, range of features.
  • Sidebar manager allow you to define widget areas and place unique sidebars by page.
  • Top professional-level security system to protect your site against the bad guys.
  • Manual and automated backup capability to preserve your site through serious issues
  • Responsive themes deliver best performance on desktop, tablet, or phone.
  • Internal testing and measured results supports quality SEO. Google will love you!

Is There Anything More?

  • Custom Tutorial Videos accessed right in the Dashboard put WordPress help right at your fingertips. Videos match your current version of WordPress and automatically adjust each time your website core files are updated. This feature alone would cost you $27/month, nearly twice the price of this whole package, if you were to subscribe directly to it yourself.
  • Additionally, you can focus on building your business instead of managing your website. You create and add content but we’ll look after updating your WordPress core files, plugins, and themes. We’ll track your site security and look after the back end technical details so you don’t need to.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is crazy, but these websites are available for just $15.99 per month! And what’s more, that’s a month to month payment, no need to prepay for six months or a year to get the advertised price. And, what’s more, there is no contract period. You can cancel any time.

That’s not much more than it would cost you for shared hosting (minimal quality) at most of the well-known hosting companies that pack hundreds of accounts per server and deliver mediocre service at best. Here’s a sampling of recent pricing. Note that you need to prepay 12 months in advance to get these rates, too! If you think they are a better deal, and you want to struggle with all the do-it-yourself stuff necessary to install, configure, and manage, your own website, I’ve provided clickable links that will take you right to these hosting sites.

You will need a PayPal account to subscribe but you don’t need to keep a PayPal balance if you choose not to. You can fund your PayPal account from alternate sources, either your credit card or bank account.